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Modernizing healthcare


Say goodbye to the outdated health insurance system & hello to Coral Med's  Direct Primary Care (DPC) in Orange County.

DPC allows you to access high-quality, personalized health care at an affordable price. There is no need to go through an insurance company or pay additional out-of-pocket fees for every procedure and visit. Instead, you make one affordable monthly payment for comprehensive primary care services.

What People Say...


Lost 20% of my body weight and over 35 inches off my body in 3.5 months!!  CoralMed’s medical weight loss program + body contouring (Trusculpt ID) was the only program that was able to get rid of the stubborn baby weight. Thanks to Dr. Moussa’s personalized program I am now feeling great, have more confidence, and am healthy again!!! Thank You!!


What can I say?! I am soo pleased!  I did xeomin (like Botox, but better and works longer) injections combined with microneedling (for a total of three sessions). I see a huge difference in my skin!  Everywhere I go, people who compliment me and can’t believe the change. Then I went on the weightloss plan and lost those stubborn 15# I have been trying to loose for years!! I am one very happy customer and think everyone should see Dr Moussa!!!


I have spent years struggling to lose weight and get control of my health. Dr. Moussa was the only person who was able to assist me with real results. I can’t recommend Coral Med enough to those looking for a doctor who cares and knows what he’s talking about!

Personalized Healthcare

from a Caring Professional

Dr. Ameer Moussa has been practicing medicine for more than a decade. Working in Los Angeles and Orange County's community hospitals showed him the need for a new approach to health care and the desire for a more personalized level of care from an experienced doctor.


His own experiences with health insurance led him to the DCP model. This model gives patients the freedom to spend more time with their doctor. It allows access to the care they need without the fear of additional fees. This is about creating a healthcare community that treats the whole person inside and out.

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