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Medical Weight Loss

Metabolic Reset & Medical Weight Loss Program

Doctor-guided weight loss program to help you gain Healthy Confidence while Losing that extra weight.


At Coral-Med, you will receive a weight loss plan, created by a licensed physician, that is tailored to your lifestyle and goals. You will be monitored by a doctor to ensure optimal results and wellness. Once you have attained your ideal weight, we will be there to help you maintain that weight.


Our 16-week weight loss program is so much more than a “diet.” In fact, it isn’t even a diet at all; because diets are unrealistic - they tend to fail at the start because they’re too restrictive or weight is gained back right when the diet is over because we have not created the habits needed to maintain the weight loss. That’s why our program has three key phases: the metabolic reset where the weight loss begins; continued weight loss phase where good habits are formed; and the maintenance phase which ensures the weight stays off.


Through the use of weekly prescription injections, our patients lose an average of 15% of their body weight by the end of the program. Most patients began seeing results in the very first week, all before changing their lifestyle!


Healthy Confidence is gained through creating overall wellness. That’s why we equip our patients with the tools to help them achieve their goals and maintain success. All of this could be achieved in the comfort of your own home or at the doctor’s office.

Plus Size Model

Metabolic Reset Program

Included in the 16-week Metabolic Reset Program:

  • Detailed exam with a Board Certified Doctor (virtual or in-office visits are available)

  • Initial labs at the start to ensure eligibility for the Metabolic Reset

  • Weekly weight loss injections (medication will be increased as tolerated to optimal weight loss dose) shipped directly to you

  • Nutrition and exercise guide

  • Monthly visits with your doctor because you are not alone on this journey!

Don’t wait another day to start living your best, healthiest, most confident life!

We are excited to come alongside and support you on this transformative journey! Call us at (949) 342-4511

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